change is a journey….

where the direction is known but not the destination

Since 2017 I have been on a journey of starting from zero. My zero started at certain time, and represented an upending of certain choices and departures. From the security of known structures.

The immediate catalyst for my journey of change started with behavioral health and a fierce fall into depression around 2008-2009, the time of the Great Financial Crisis. A period that was tumultuous both personally and professionally. As a young salesperson on the trading floor, in a product that arguably tipped the scales toward large-scale collapse, I came into

Direction Not destination: Wayfinding

Such an exploration has been experiential. Meaning you get out there and try out a lot of different things and learn and re-learn parts of you, gifts, burning curiosities, passion spring-boards, extremely annoying things that might not be worth coming within two feet of. All of this means making your life a full-time laboratory for constant tinkering, play and glorious experimentation. Yes this might not be for everyone. But yet, there exist micro-opportunities within our given days to test and learn something new about what makes us come alive.. what brings us back to when we were child-like and desperately curious and all-seeking.

This involves a bunch of self-work and a commitment to undertake a process of way-finding…