Salons for Life produces small format evenTs called salons for those invested in self-education and community.

A three-hour “learning retreat” for people to gather, listen, engage in reciprocal exchange- of our stories, the wisdom of lived experiences and the explosive impact of intentional communities in responsibly stewarding change.

- Nirupa on the founding vision for Salons for Life


Like the salons of the French Enlightenment, the salons are hosted in living rooms and in private spaces to create the intimacy and seclusion for a self-selected gathering of people.

From April 28, 2018 to June 1, 2019, 18 salons were hosted in living rooms around the country, all brought together through the network of multiple hosts, who shared a mission to open their doors to a community that gathers in the spirit of reflection, sharing and self-education.

Salon for Good as the flagship brand uses storytelling and creativity as the facilitating lead. Common Currency was the first of the series on financial acuity.


What’s in a living room