So what are these salons exactly? Besides a place to cut your hair….

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Salons For Life

Salons for Life™ produces small format events called salons for those with a growth and community mindset.


Inspired by the salons that took place in the living rooms of the French Enlightenment (circa 17-18th centuries), the salons are modern day co-learning experiences, 2-3 hour retreats, that facilitate investigation into what we know to be uniquely us and what we are yearning to discover that will lead us closer to living a life of integrity?

The salonnieres of the French Enlightenment Period repurposed the humble living room into a real life university, a powerful alternative institution that became a movement unto itself as part of the Republic of Letters.

So What is a Salon exactly?

The salons are actively facilitated spaces where community and content are curriculum. They are learning outlets for self-discovery and self-expression with shared authority. Hinged on the backbone of storytelling, and stories as vehicles that capture the wisdom of our lived experiences, the salons thrive on the idea that we all have something to teach the world and we all have something to learn from life on the go. All of this points toward a philosophy that we are the leaders of our lives. And as part of taking charge, we partake of a curriculum that activates a conversation and possibly a road-map toward self-directed leadership.

Our Mission. The commitment be Lead Inside Out

A life’s investment means investing in yourself, your dear ones and your community. By being intentionally invested in an ecosystem, we acknowledge that we are agents and actors with an active and intentional part to play— at work at home and beyond. If you are someone to whom this pledge seems familiar, you are the candidate to either host or participate in a salon.

What is unique about this format? 

The salons use experiential and immersive modalities, such as storytelling and play, to activate a more embodied and visceral engagement. The curriculum includes modalities such as the arts and design that directly lean into the creative process and mindset, and performative techniques such as yoga and physical theater to tap into intelligence that comes somatically that is inherent to all of us.

The format deliberately moves beyond theory based knowledge acquisition and focuses on experiential learning.

While we like subject matter experts, the salons celebrate each individual as the Expert of their Experience. A headline storyteller and a facilitator play a part in activating this learning road-map but they are not the only experts in the room.

Is There a Curriculum?

The curriculum for life for now is a three-legged stool. The ground floor of the house that some of us have wanted to build. The three legs are Creativity (as a fundamental human trait), Mind-Body-Energy, Financial Acuity.

Each salon unpacks a conversation and/or a facilitated workshop that hones in on this curriculum.

I would like to host. Now What?

Hosts share our mission and are active friends of the arts, committed to learning, community building and invested in the power of storytelling.

Salons can be hosted in the privacy of a living room or in a public-private setting such as a restaurant, a gallery or a work-space, a space that is typically open to the public but offering a level of seclusion and privacy.

Salons in the Workplace

Salons can be differentiated programming to build affinity amongst employees. Think about this as a format for networking while taking out the agenda inherent in networking and replacing it with instead, a shared experience that enhances connectivity more organically.

The salon as the new employee happy hour, the salon as an inclusive on-site off-site for teams, the salon as a new gathering place for affinity and employee resource groups, the ideas are endless.

Every salon from subject matter to storyteller is curated to the overarching learning mission of a host or a sponsor.

If you are interested in hosting a salon, drop us a line


“To be seen and heard is a fundamental birthright. Yet, in a world polarized by competing agendas and information overload, we have to fight to reclaim the connective tissue of communication with self and others. We have to fight for safe and shared spaces where we can Come As We Are, unapologetically as ourselves in our diversity and multiplicity.”

- Nirupa on the founding vision for Salons for Life

A three-hour “learning retreat” for people to gather, listen, engage in reciprocal exchange- of our stories, the wisdom of lived experiences and the explosive impact of intentional communities in responsibly stewarding change.

- Nirupa on the founding vision for Salons for Life

Colin Wright. Salon Nirupa. The Becoming Tour. 11.11.2018. photo by Alex Young

Colin Wright. Salon Nirupa. The Becoming Tour. 11.11.2018. photo by Alex Young

The Salon as an agency for change

Common Currency. A Money Salon. 05.19.2019. photo by Dipti Mehta.

Common Currency. A Money Salon. 05.19.2019. photo by Dipti Mehta.

JW Architects Liz-Galen-Nirupa 07122018.jpeg
Barkha Patel . Salon In Motion. River Brook, NJ. 10.21.2018. photo by Bobby Hranichny

Barkha Patel . Salon In Motion. River Brook, NJ. 10.21.2018. photo by Bobby Hranichny


Come be part of a learning journey at a salon near you. Join us on this incredible journey of unlocking and resourcing one’s life’s potential. Be an investor for life.