The salons are actively facilitated and intentional spaces where we can be seen and heard through the range of our expression and enterprise.

What is a Salon exactly? Besides a place to cut your hair…

A three-hour “learning retreat” for people to gather, listen from practitioners, exchange stories and be part of a learning journey toward unlocking and resourcing their life’s potential. We call this investing for life. 

A life’s investment means investing in yourself and your community by responsibly stewarding your resources. The triad in which a life’s investment is positioned on creative currency, mind-body energy, and financial capital.

The salon curriculum focuses on unlocking this triad.

The Salon Manifesto

To be seen and heard is a fundamental birth right. Yet, in a world polarized by competing agendas and information overload, we have to fight to reclaim the connective tissue of communication with self and others. We have to fight for safe and shared spaces where we can Come As We Are, unapologetically as ourselves in our diversity and multiplicity. 



The Salon Format

Salons come into two formats. The public-private salons are typically hosted at a private space within a larger dining or experience establishment and are curated to be part of a culinary or sense activating experience. Typically structured within the time-frame of post-work days, these salons adhere to the flow of weekday schedules.

The private salons, that mimic the original salon, can be hosted within the intimacy of a home, especially a living room of a host or someone who actively invests in their community.

Each salon starts off with an arts or storytelling module so the space in which we gather can be transformed and our relationship to each other start off on the footing of engagement and trust.

Through the arts, we activate imagination, free-thinking, trust-building and empathy.Through the use of stories, we activate the audience, we transform engagement within the group and provide teaching moments that bridge to real life.

With active facilitation, we introduce nuggets of knowledge to help populate a road-map, introducing springing off points for action. This can then be natural and authentic ways for attendees to self-educate and remain engaged with a curriculum of life.

What is unique about this format? 

Deriving inspiration from the salons led by women during the French Enlightenment period, Salons for Life uses experiential and creative modalities to tap into active engagement with the audience. Modalities such as the arts, design and mind-body techniques are harnessed to provide an engaging vehicle within which discourse and subject matter expertise are included. The format deliberately moves beyond theory based knowledge acquisition and in fact, is facilitated to generate “on the spot” co-learning communities. Ideally combined as a series where we take an audience through an active learning roadmap, we also build a deeper connection to both the sponsors of an event and to the peer-group or the network. While we like subject matter experts, the salons celebrate each individual as the Expert of their Experience.

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