Hi! I am Nirupa. 

Welcome to Radical Everything

Radical everything is about facilitating change. Specifically it is about how a journey of personal change rippled into a series of storytelling projects that investigate creativity, connectivity and learning as essential to navigating and responding to change.

Change facilitated more intentionally started with a life reboot in 2017. My moment of reckoning came end of 2016 just when I thought I had it all sorted. I had a door close at my last office job, in financial services. It became an opening into Chapter 2. This website logs this journey.


I write, I collect stories and facilitate small format gatherings called salons.

My series Personas investigate multiplicity — our many voices and personas, as the basis for self-discovery and expression. My series Experiments examines everyday living as the basis for real life university, an outlet for education available to all of us.

The salons are outlets for self-expression, creativity and collaborative conversations. They investigate creativity, connectivity and learning as the basis for healing and transformation. 

A more official bio of the doings of the past, is on here.

For 14 years work was life. I worked as a salesperson in financial services and called the trading floor my home.

A Life Map. A visual bio

Lifemap for Acumen .001.jpeg

Chapter 2. emerging not arriving

2017 started with a literal and figurative journey. Travel for 170 days became inspiration for a semi-nomadic life, a new model of embracing life on the move as a format for change. I lead a self-directed life, driven by the spirit of creative exploration. Everyday is a lab, a sandbox for education and experimentation.


Leading Inside-Out starts with YOU and Where YOU are right now. And working outward.

Leading Inside-Out challenges the idealized blueprint of the SHOULD BE YOU and the SHOULD BE LIFE.

Leading Inside-Out starts with intentional design and not default. My default was being a corporate tiger, the good student, the good partner, chasing markers that dimmed the vitality of the day-to-day and the happiness of discovery.

By design is to remain open to the possibilities of unlocking hidden and unseen parts within and putting them to test.

Leading Inside-Out is process, it is practice of learning by doing and iterating and refining.


And in case you were wondering why the radical in radical everything

Forming the Root



adjective: radical

  • forming an inherent or fundamental part of the nature of someone or something

  • relating to the root of something, in particular.

Audience. Salon Jersey City. Come As You Are. Photo by Asha Ganpat

Audience. Salon Jersey City. Come As You Are. Photo by Asha Ganpat