Hi! I am Nirupa. 

Welcome to Radically Everything.

I write and facilitate conversations on change. All of this started with my own jump in 2017 into rebooting life, starting a Chapter 2. It was very much a journey of jumping into the big wide empty, armed with a vague sense of direction and no clear destination.

Radical Everything is both a website and a catalog of multiple creative projects that were undertaken as part of this Life Reboot.

the life prior

I came to this country at 18 to pursue an education. Education was my introduction to the liberal arts curriculum and mindset.

I gave up high ideals and intentions of pursuing a career in development and instead jumped into the unruly world of the trading floor becoming a fixed income salesperson for 13 years at two investment banks.

Spent one year at a hedge fund, had a door close and another open.

The door that opened was a calling toward a life of creative exploration and expression.

A more official sounding bio of the doings of the past, is on here.

what do i do?

- I write about journeys of change AND journeying toward change. More under Stories

- I facilitate salons as co-learning communities for individuals to get together and learn from each other the wisdom of lived experiences. The topics discussed here circle around creativity, financial acuity and mind-body-energy literacy. More under Gatherings

- I engage in conversations of change. Topics of interest, creativity, financial acuity and mind-body literacy. For now, these seem an important triad to start designing a life well-lived. More under Conversations

what journey?

The journey of designing a life of creative freedom, exploration and expression. This involves integrating many messy moving parts into a framework I call Life-Work as opposed to Work-Life.

This exploration is led by a spirit of experimentation. I honor joy, curiosity, autonomy as essential values. When they go missing, I stop what I am doing and take a pause to reflect and restart if need be.

from structure to no structure= change

Structured living was time and direction as carved out by the rigorous dictates of corporate career with a weighty focus on scaling the ranks. Structured living was also having a fixed zipcode which has been up until now, the eastern seaboard of the United States in a small little big city, called Jersey City. Structure and security also came from a 17 1/2 year old relationship that was also for eight years a marriage, which ended in 2015. 

Since 2015 I have signed up to become a Labrat of Change. My life as as a portfolio of experiences is the Lab.

Change is a Process. And like any process it is worth documenting

Change is a Journey. And non-linear. Not a Point A to Point B type of situation.

Change involves the Unknown. And it is terrifying

Change can be softened through preparation. Building a bridge and shoring up the support systems if you will.

Intentionally seeking change at times feels like a fool’s errand but I set out on this path of unlearning some of the past to test the assumptions what I had convinced myself was a well-lived life. And on days when the going gets tough, I live one day at a time, with as much honesty as I can muster. And at times faking a vigor and enthusiasm has proven mighty handy.

Why do i get up in the morning?

To get to the bottom of this and having witnessed with as much joy and freedom as with fear and terror that……

An integrated and a creative life is a sum of many moving parts. It is messy, it is iterating, it is a process, but it is joyous and gets you close to you, in ways that you might not have imagined. The good news, you hold the keys to this awesome, bouncy castle of many wonders……

The technology that holds all of these messy bits together

Is something called Life Design An approach and a framework that I was recommended into reading by a wise friend end of 2016.

then===>Now. A life Map

Lifemap for Acumen .001.jpeg

So now that you are here what can you get out of your time here?

Read my fiction series called Personas. What it means to go on a date with one-self

Read my non-fiction series, What a Year of Prototyping… under Experiments

Read the travel-log of change, all the messy, inglorious bits under Journal. A loosely ordered collection of notes on a process of change, unscripted reflections of what going through change looks like, and what does it mean to commit to a journey where there is a sense of direction but no destination.

Experience a Salon under Gatherings and engage me if you are interested in bringing a salon close to you.

And all of this sounds worth keeping tabs on, sign up for my infrequent updates all the way below.

& If you were wondering why the Radical in Radical Everything…




Forming the Root

  • forming an inherent or fundamental part of the nature of someone or something

  • relating to the root of something, in particular.