“We share the same dream to be visible through our expression and enterprise”
Radical Everything is about designing and living an extraordinary life, one that rings true of you and YOU.


Hi! I am Nirupa.

I am a traveler, facilitator, writer-researcher, investor and entrepreneur in training. 

I left India at 18 to find a life of freedom and self-expression. I left a fulfilling career in financial services to pursue a life of autonomy, creative freedom and enterprise. This is chapter 2 and I call it Second Life. My second life is one living, moving, giant experiment.

Up until 2016, you would have found me transacting in the financial markets. I called the trading floor my home for many years, and knowledge of markets and the flow of money a third language.


In 2017, during 170 days of travel I took myself out of my “comfort zone” of old habits of an east-coaster living on the shores of Manhattan. I traveled mostly solo to understand how people find what it takes to unlock themselves and find fulfillment.

Way-finding and using day to day life as a lesson in doing, being and becoming is what I explore in my writing and community creation. Charged with a spirit of experimentation, exploration and learning by doing, this new life gives permission to to reflect and celebrate the multiple personas within. 

I write both both non-fiction and fiction, which you will find under Experiments and Personas on my blog.


I design and facilitate salons, which I organize as outlets for creative collaboration and self-education.

Gatherings outlines all the content that the salons generate.

The common thread of all my efforts circles around these questions-  

What can we do to unlock the best versions of ourselves? 

What can we do to design a world that works for all of us? 

And how can we do this while preserving a child-like spirit of openness, play and curiosity?


Radical Everything is about designing and living an extraordinary life, one that rings true of you and YOU.

Thank you for visiting and drop me a line anytime.